Wiki Textbook of eHealth

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Wiki Textbook of eHealth
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Wiki is a collaboratively-edited collection of web-based content and structure created by the users, for the users. Wikipedia is the largest wiki, powered by the Mediawiki software. During one of our ProDENTS meet, we had a discussion about the relevance of a wiki, specific for eHealth.

eHealth is a relatively nascent specialty with a structure and semantics of its own. It has a broad scope encompassing Health, IT, and Business. A lot of quality ehealth reference material is created during our academic programs in eHealth as thought papers, seminars and literature reviews. A wiki could be an ideal framework to preserve and share these resources for future students and ehealth researchers.

Few of our ProDENTS volunteers found an affordable Mediawiki hosting provider and set up a brand new Wiki Textbook of eHealth. It is a full MediaWiki installation, and we have done some eHealth specific tweaks, like a system to automatically structure contributions under Health, IT, and Business.

We have also integrated it with TrendMD, a popular Toronto-based academic content sharing site using a custom made plugin. Wiki Textbook of eHealth, probably is the only wiki integrated with TrendMD at present.

We welcome all alumni and students of the eHealth program to contribute content to our wiki. We need Editors and Critiques too in addition to content writers. If you feel any of your creative work would be useful to others, do post it on our wiki. Any user can edit after registration (Right – Top Corner). General Instructions are on the wiki itself. When you create a new page, a template with instructions will be automatically added.

Welcome to the ProDENTS wiki!

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