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We are a group of eHealth enthusiasts Doctors, biomedical Engineers, Nurses, Technologists and ehealth Students with an interest in healthcare PROgramming. PRO{DENTS} group has no organizational hierarchy, geographic boundaries, membership requirements or membership fee. If you are a healthcare professional with a passion to save lives with eHealth, you are welcome to join us. Welcome to PRO{DENTS}.

We periodically meet to discuss eHealth issues, and we follow our written rules of engagement. Details of our meetings and events are posted on this site along with other events of interest to the eHealth community. If you think you belong to PRO{DENTS}, and you agree to our rules of engagement, feel free to join us. PRO{DENTS} are so informal that even the people at the venue may not be aware of our event. So, don’t ask for directions! Some may also be on ‘Hangouts on Air’.

Feel free to host a PRO{DENTS} event in Timmy’s near you, and we will post it on this website.

Our pseudocode below 😉


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