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Rules For Pro{DENTS} Events:

  1. You share a passion for eHealth and want to save lives.
  2. Your primary interest is not networking for selfish reasons. (read jobs, internships, and sales)
  3. You do not expect free food.
  4. There are no hosts or guests.
  5. You have an interest in the theme of the event. The theme may be one of {Health IT, Health Policy, Privacy & Security, mHealth or HIS}.
  6. Agree to share any idea generated during PRO{DENTS} as open-source on GitHub ( ) and on this website.

Dress code:

(Predominantly) White T-shirt, Blue Jeans and a hoodie of any color (shades of red preferred). White indicates purity, blue signifies trust and peace and red symbolizes healthcare. You are expected to carry a laptop/tablet if the theme is HealthIT.

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