CanEHealth is an informal group of eHealth enthusiasts (mostly McMaster MSc eHealth alumni) with interest in open-source health IT software. We believe in a ‘global’ ehealth, and we strive to solve eHealth problems in developing countries. We have no organizational hierarchy, geographic boundaries, membership requirements or membership fee. If you are a healthIT professional with a passion for saving lives, feel free to join us on our slack channel and post on our Trello Kanban board.  You need a mcmaster.ca email to join our slack channel. Let us know if you don’t have one.

We periodically meet to discuss eHealth issues, and we follow our rules of engagement. Details of our meetings and events are posted on this site along with other activities of interest to the eHealth community. If you think you belong to CanEHealth, and you agree to our rules of engagement, feel free to join us. We discuss ‘real world’ problems and their solutions using existing open-source platforms such as OpenMRS, OSCAR EMR, DHIS2, RedCap and OpenClinica.

Our pseudocode below 😉

Class eHealth(Providers, Patients){
  Global CanEHealth = "Health IT";
  Idea ideas = new Inventions();

  def(JoinUs as members):{
      var informal meets;
      this idea = idea * shared;