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A dermatologist and an eHealth expert with expertise in Healthcare analytics, mHealth, health information exchange, benefits evaluation research, change management, and population informatics.[Resume]

Machine Learning in population health: Creating conditions that ensure good health.

Machine Learning (ML) in healthcare has an affinity for patient-centred care and individual-level predictions. Population health deals with health outcomes in a group of individuals and the outcome distribution in the group. Both individual health and population health are not … Continue reading

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Creating, serializing and deploying a machine learning model for healthcare: Part 2

This is a series on serializing and deploying machine learning pipelines developed using pyspark. Part 1 is here. This is specifically for apache spark and is basically notes to myself. We will be using the Mleap for serializing the model. … Continue reading

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Creating, serializing and deploying a machine learning model for healthcare: Part 1

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the buzzwords lately and it is heartening to find local HSPs scrambling to get on the bandwagon. The emphasis is mostly on creating models which require technical as well as clinical expertise. … Continue reading

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Are you ready to ‘Git’ into Open Source

Open Source health information systems provide cost-effective tools for healthcare. Even if you are not a coder, you may be able to contribute to open source projects.¬†As a matter of fact, some open-source projects find it difficult to get volunteers … Continue reading

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Grounded Theory – QRMine: Qualitative Research support tools in Python.

QRMine is a software suite for supporting qualitative researchers using NLP. Gtdict is a module that identifies Categories, Properties, and Dimensions in the interview transcript. Continue reading

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Oscar eForm Generator

Electronic capture of patient data is vital in any health information system. It ‘s hard to bundle every form that a clinician will ever need along with an EMR. The EMRs adopt various strategies to solve this problem, but a … Continue reading

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Up and running with activiti in 20 minutes

Activiti is a BPMN automation tool that makes communication between business analyst and the developers easy. Activiti has a web-based graphical interface for business analysts to prepare workflows that can be enhanced by developers adding Java code using an Eclipse … Continue reading

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